BPED organized a conference and participated in the White House Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakesh, Morocco on November 19, 2014. 


Kingdom of Morocco, The White House

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was launch by President Barack Obama in 2009 as a global platform to “empower entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to compete and thrive in the 21st¬†century.

The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) will be held in Marrakech, Morocco November 19-21, under the theme of “Harnessing the Power of Technology for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” This year’s GES Summit will also feature a Women Entrepreneur Day program, with sessions on “Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship: Success Stories in Expanding Market Opportunities”, “The Financing Challenge: Innovations in Securing Funding”, and a Business-to-Business (B2B) Showcase and Live Pitch Session.

GES 2014 will bring together over 3000 entrepreneurs, together with heads of state, high level government officials, global entrepreneurs, small medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate leaders, and young entrepreneurs. There will also be an “Innovation Village” where entrepreneurs and innovators from Africa and around the world will be able to promote their projects and share new ideas on myriad topics including ICT, water management, and alternative energy.

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