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We identify local talents, enhance their innovation capacity, improve their business, management, and technical skills, and teach them how to commercialize ideas, find a niche, and link into the global value-chain. We also contribute to the generation of  academically rigorous yet actionable recommendations for the resolution of socio-economic, environmental, educational, and industry related challenges in MENA countries. 

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AMENA CenTer for enTrepreneurship anD development

What We Offer

Unlike most Middle East Centers and programs, which tend primarily to focus on the history, culture, languages, and politics of Middle Eastern countries, the AMENA Center at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is devoted to narrowing the skills, economic development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and gender gaps in the broader Middle East region.

To accomplish our mission, we offer the following services: 

Entrepreneurship Promotion

Since innovation is the product of ecosystems, we develop the strategic plans and help to set up MENA based entrepreneurship centers powered by UC Berkeley that facilitate the generation of creative ideas and their adoption into new products, processes, services, and organizational models.

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

We design and develop workshops employing hands-on and problem solving approaches to improve the vital 21st Century and technical skills of upper level high school and college students in the MENA region.

Human Capital Development

Our training programs are designed to improve the management, financial, leadership, commercial, entrepreneurial, innovation, and technical skills of the MENA workforce.

Strategy Development and Consulting

We serve as an advisory outlet by bringing local needs/issues to the attention of UC Berkeley experts, who may consider offering solutions for their resolution. Participating Berkeley experts will devise and develop imaginative solutions to Saudi Arabia’s pressing industry, social, economic, educational, and environmental challenges.   

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