Borsa Istanbul & UC Berkeley Conference on Entrepreneurship :

The conference will bring leading innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts from the region and beyond together to explore the roadblocks and spurs to fostering innovation in the MENA region. A systematic attempt will be made to identify the primary requisites for building innovation economies, Vand the manner in which such requirements could be replicated and implanted in the MENA region. Special attention will be devoted to the experiences of formerly developing countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, as well as Israel, which have achieved varying levels of success in establishing the foundations of innovation economies.

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January 9 – 20, 2017

The BIT-AMENA course on High-technology Entrepreneurship & Investment will engage promising entrepreneurs, business executives, and public sector administrators from Asia, Middle East and North Africa to support transformative impact, job creation and service as mentors and inspirational role models. The program will provide exposure to the concept and practice of entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and at established companies and startups in Silicon Valley. Participants will be selected through a rigorous online application process, and provided with the opportunity to spend two weeks in the Bay Area, involving both conceptual and hands-on instruction at the Haas School of Business and Silicon Valley. Read more.