From Digikala to Hamijoo: the Iranian startup revolution, phase two

Tehran may be thousands of miles away from Silicon Valley, home to the world’s largest hi-tech corporations and most innovative startups, but technologically, Iran’s online entrepreneurs are getting closer – despite mutual political hostility and international sanctions. This Thursday in Germany hundreds of Iranian startups will catch up with investors from around the globe in the biggest gathering of its kind, in a bid to bridge the gap. Read more.

U.S. allies not waiting for Iran’s sanctions to come down

The Obama administration repeatedly cautions that tough bargaining remains ahead of a June 30 deal deadline to curb Iran’s nuclear programs, but already a number of countries — including some of the U.S.’s key allies in the talks — are lining up partners and announcing deals for the day when economic and financial sanctions against Tehran are lifted. Read More.

Iran’s Tech Sector to Display at Britain

The biggest gathering of Iranians outside of the Islamic Republic in more than 30 years will take place in Berlin next month. As many as 2,000 participants — mostly Iranians from the US, Europe and Iran as well as foreign investors — will attend the iBridges conference, a sign of the pent-up interest in investing in Iran if and when international sanctions are lifted. Read more.